All children are expected to wear school uniform every day

Our official school uniform was designed with parents through a community consultation project with the London College of Fashion to be sustainable, comfortable, affordable and offer the children choice.

All School 360 uniform items are available from

Fashion Stop
138 High St N,
E6 2HT

020 8552 3200

The school uniform your child will need is:

A School 360 cardigan or jumper  (available from Fashion Stop)

A School 360 polo shirt  (available from Fashion Stop)

A School 360 PE T-shirt  (available from Fashion Stop)

Plus the following items which you can buy from any store:

Dark grey skirt or trousers  

Grey socks or tights 

Smart sensible flat black shoes 

PE kit: black shorts, white socks, dark grey tracksuit bottoms, trainers 

If you feel you will struggle to buy the uniform, do let us know as we can support you with costs. Please do return school uniform items to the school if your child grows out of them so they can be reused.

Any earrings should be small studs only and these must be removed on PE days. School 360 rucksacks are also available to buy from Fashion Stop. Please write your child’s name on all items of clothing as the school is unable to accept any responsibility for any items of lost clothing.

As you know, the weather sometimes changes throughout the day, so we recommend that your child brings a coat to school every day. Outdoor activities are an important part of your child’s education and it is important that they are prepared for all different types of weather.