Welcome to SEND at School 360

As an inclusive school we pride ourselves in welcoming and providing for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. We believe in an inclusive approach whereby every child is able to achieve success by being able to access and broad and balanced curriculum. This means School 360 will aim to support pupils to overcome barriers to learning and make special provisions to meet their individual needs.

SENDCO details

Helen Gourley
[email protected]

Who’s who?

Role of SENDCo

The role of the SENDCo is coordinating provision for children with SEND. Liaising with parents of children with SEND. Liaising with other providers, outside agencies, educational psychologists and external agencies particularly for children receiving support.

Helen Gourley

Role of the Headteacher

The Co-Headteachers of School 360 are responsible for strategic development across the whole school and ensuring all necessary provisions are put in place to support young people with SEND, as well as keeping the LA and board of governors up to date with any changes or implementations. The Co-Headteachers also work closely with the Inclusion and Wellbeing Lead and the core SEND team to ensure the best possible support is provided to all students who have additional needs.

Sarah Seleznyov
Andrea Silvain

SEND Governor

Stephanie Shaldas
SEND Governor

Role of the Teachers

The class teacher has a core responsibility of Quality First Teaching (QFT) and ensuring all young people in their class are SEND. In addition to this, the class teacher works with the SENDCo to ensure support plans are initiated to best meet the needs of the young people in their class. The class teacher also works with the PAC to go over lessons and differentiate learning where needed.

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Role of the Local School Board

In collaboration with with the rest of the Local Schools Board is responsible for the following:

  • To act as ‘champion’ for, and receive regular reports on, SEND and vulnerable children
  • To ensure that the school has the means in place to receive and react to pupil, parent/carer and staff feedback 
  • To support the school in establishing and maintaining relationships with the local community 
  • To act as ambassadors for the school