Would you rather be a child in the Victorian times or now?

Year 2

In this project children learnt about different aspects of Victorian home life and school life and decided if they would rather be a child in Vic

Children first explored Victorian homes. They learnt about what Victorian homes were made of and why. They explored Victorian artifacts to learn about homelife and how that differs from now as well as learning about the big differences between lives of the wealthy and lives of poor Victorians and considered if there is still wealth disparity now in our country and across the world. Children learnt about how Victorian homes were decorated and made shoe box homes. We looked in particular at the work of William Morris and children went on to make their own wallpaper prints inspired by William Morris. A trip back in time to a Victorian classroom gave children real insight as to what it would have been like to be a child in Victorian times and was the starting point for some wonderful diary entries written from the perspective of a Victorian School Child. Children also wrote information texts about Victorian Schools. Children learnt about Victorian photography creating their own camera obscura’s, making their own cyanotypes and also staging photographs dressed as Victorians which they took on B&W film. To support our learning in Science about light children collaboratively to create amazing shadow boxes.

Curriculum links


Problem solving and critical thinking

Foundational skills

Taking control of your learning


Care and respect

Working collaboratively

Happiness in body and mind


Creativity and the arts

Expert skills

Design thinking

Underpinned by our seven
key principles...