What Is A Role Model?

Year 1

The students explored their new responsibilities as role models to the youngest children in our school.

Over the course of this project, the students made welcome cards for their Reception buddies, designed surveys to find out more about them and talked about how to support our littlest students adjust to life at School 360. In collaboration with the Reception project, the Year 1s were tasked with creating a picture frame for the Reception children’s self-portraits. First, the visited The National Gallery to deepen their understanding of portraiture and the importance of the frame! Next, they learned fundamental skills in their new woodwork station. Finally, the children surveyed their Reception buddy to discover their colour and pattern preferences. They then built and decorated their frame according to these design specifications. The Year 1 children were so proud to support the Reception children in this way and took great care to ensure that their frames were exactly as requested. We also learnt about different artists throughout the project including, Kusama and Seurat, discovering new ways of colour-mixing and painting.

Curriculum links


Problem solving and critical thinking

Foundational skills

Taking control of your learning


Care and respect

Working collaboratively

Happiness in body and mind


Creativity and the arts

Expert skills

Design thinking

Underpinned by our seven
key principles...