What do different communities believe?

Year 1

Children learn about the different cultural and religious festivals that happen around Spring, connecting ideas between different religions and c

Our project was off to a vibrant start with an investigation into Mardi Gras, a Christian celebration that marks the end of Lent. Children explored the traditions of this festival through lessons and their own research, discovering the colours, costumes, foods and events used to mark the occasion. This inspired lots of artwork and mask-making in our creative area. Next, the children heard the Legend of Holika, the story of Holi. We began working on creating character descriptions in preparation to retell the story at the end of the project. More colourful artwork was created, inspired by this vibrant Hindu celebration. We were visited by members of our community to learn about Lunar New Year, Ramadan & Eid. We read The Proudest Blue to develop our understanding of how clothing is influenced by different beliefs and values. Finally, we heard the story of Easter and questioned why eggs have become an important symbol for this Christian holiday.

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Problem solving and critical thinking

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Taking control of your learning


Care and respect

Working collaboratively

Happiness in body and mind


Creativity and the arts

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Design thinking

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