What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Year 1

Year 1 learned and compared a range of life cycles: plants, insects and mammals.

This project began with an important letter. Hens for Hire (the company that provides our beloved on-site hens, Mac & Cheese) were looking for a class who could take care of some hatching eggs. The only catch: they needed to prove their expertise in lifecycles and we hadn’t learned about these yet! Keen to show they had the knowledge and responsibility for this important job, the children began researching and learning about lifecycles. They rehearsed this knowledge in a range of ways: drawing, video explanations, acting it out, using blocks to create visual representations. They wrote to Hens for Hire, providing 3 reasons why they should be selected. The letter revealing that the children had been chosen as this year’s ‘Hatching Handler’s’ was met with a roar of excitement! The soon-to-be-chicks were under the watchful eye of the Year 1s, who began creating information leaflets to share everything they had learned about chicken lifecycles and how to care for hatchlings.

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Problem solving and critical thinking

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Taking control of your learning


Care and respect

Working collaboratively

Happiness in body and mind


Creativity and the arts

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Design thinking

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