What are the different stories of the Great Fire of London?

Year 1

In this project the children answered the question 'What are the different perspectives of the Great Fire of London?'

We started the project by going on a walking tour of where the Great Fire started and hearing about how London was rebuilt. We then heard the story of the Great Fire from lots of different perspectives: the baker; the King; the dutch immigrants. We considered the question: who was to blame for the fire? We explored diaries and had a go at writing our own diaries from the perspective of the people who were alive at the time. We finished by thinking about how 1666 London compares with 2023 London.

Curriculum links


Problem solving and critical thinking

Foundational skills

Taking control of your learning


Care and respect

Working collaboratively

Happiness in body and mind


Creativity and the arts

Expert skills

Design thinking

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