What are the different celebrations around the world?


During the springtime, our project was centered around the children exploring the various celebrations around the world.

Within our project, we delved into various religious celebrations, including Holi, Eid, Passover, Easter, and Mardi Gras. Each of these celebrations offered the children a unique insight into the diverse world we live in, enriching their cultural capital.


Throughout the project, the children immersed themselves in the stories and customs associated with these celebrations. They participated in hands-on cultural experiences, such as painting and splashing for Holi, and learning about the significance of setting the table for a Passover celebration.


As the project progressed, the children gained a deeper understanding of the importance of these celebrations in different cultures. For example, they learned about the story of Easter and its significance in the lives of many people around the world. To enhance their learning, we were fortunate to have Reverend Dan, our resident clergy member, visit the class. Reverend Dan delivered a child-friendly version of the Easter story, further engaging the children and deepening their understanding of the holiday’s significance.


By exploring these religious celebrations, the children not only learned about different faith traditions but also developed empathy and respect for people of diverse backgrounds. They discovered the beauty in cultural diversity and learned to appreciate the richness it brings to our world.


Our project provided a holistic learning experience that celebrated the cultural diversity of our world while fostering empathy, understanding, and respect among the children. 

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