The Circle, Issue 88, 24.05.2024 – Welcome back to The Circle! This week we were sad to say goodbye to the chicks in Y1, but also very excited to welcome the butterflies to Reception! The Y2 children have been busy preparing for the community Grow Festival, which you can read all about in this issue. The money from ticket sales will go directly towards raising funds for our community garden project. Please purchase a ticket and come along on 14th June! If you are unable to buy a ticket, just let us know and we will make sure you don’t miss out. Have a lovely weekend when it arrives. Best wishes, Andi and Sarah

Our Values in Action:

Reception- Joy

Today we released our butterflies after taking care of them for the last month. It was a really joyful moment, as you can see on the children’s faces. I have been so impressed with how well the children took care of our butterflies and showed kindness to them. What a brilliant way to experience the life cycle by watching it with their own eyes happen before them.

Year 1

This week Sky Brown have been working hard to produce information leaflets all about chicks. We’ve had such a brilliant half term project learning about how to care for chicks and then children have shown joy, courage and responsibility as they have embarked on this learning journey with enthusiasm.

Year 2 – Joy

Parton class have been busy preparing for the Grow Festival event. This week they showed so much joy and curiosity cooking and testing recipes so that they could choose which ones will be served at the event. The school building smelt delicious and has got everyone very excited – those coming will be in for a real treat with food. Remember to book your tickets to the event – you can find further details about the tickets available and how to cook in this Newsletter.

Community Corner:

Grow Festival!

The Year 2 children are putting a lot of effort into preparing for an event on 14 June at 4.30pm for the Grow Festival. They've been working hard in gardening sessions and doing indoor planting after school, with help from Alex, one of the parents! Soon they will be planning the menu with the school's cooking club, and some exciting family activities for the event. It's a wonderful opportunity to support our community and enjoy some delicious food! So please do join us on Friday, June 14th at School 360 on Sugar House Lane. Everyone is invited, but you need a ticket so do sign up here Grow Festival

Summer Celebration!

We are looking for volunteers to organise the raffle and run stalls! If you are interested in running your own stall or you know anyone that would, please complete this form Summer fair sign up


Sports Day!

We are excited to give you some more information about our Sports Day 2024! This year it will be taking place at Three Mills Green on Friday 12th July (weather permitting). The event will start at 9.30am and finish at 11.30am. All are welcome to attend!

Few points to note:-

  • There will be no seating at the event. Please bring a camping chair, stool or blanket if you would like to sit. You will be moving around a circuit, following your child.
  • If it is raining, we will try and rearrange for the hall. We will make the decision the day before.
  • Please drop off your child at the normal time, dressed in their PE kit. Please make sure they have a water bottle and are dressed for the weather e.g. sun hat, sunscreen.
  • You will then be asked to meet us at Three Mills Green if you are attending. The event finishes at 11.30 and the children will be walking back to school promptly to have their lunch.
Sports Day Banner vector illustration. Text, Sport equipment inside alphabet isolated on white background
Sports Day Banner vector illustration. Text, Sport equipment inside alphabet isolated on white background | Photographer: farosofa

Attendance Matters – every day counts

This week the average whole school attendance went down to 91.57% and our target is 97%. The class with the highest attendance this week was Parton class, well done! Thank you for your efforts in making sure your children are here on time every day. If you ever need support with this – please let us know. You can email the office or speak to your child’s class teacher.

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