Welcome back to The Circle! We are lucky to have so many interesting organisations on our doorstep and the children have enjoyed learning about Phaidon and what it means to be an author, illustrator or publisher. We love to see them engage with their community and feel part of it. This is the first step to having the confidence to contribute to the change they want to see and take on the world! Have a great weekend when it arrives. Best wishes, Andi and Sarah

Our Values in Action:

Rec: Curiosity

This week, the children in Reception were thrilled to welcome a very special visitor from Phaidon Publishing House. The guest gave an engaging presentation about the work they do as a publishing house. Additionally, they assigned the children a special task: to create and innovate their own fiction stories. To help the children succeed in this task, the visitor provided them with a set of success criteria necessary to become great writers.

Year 1 – Courage

This week Sky Brown children have been visited by Mia – a food detective. Part of Mia’s studies has been investigating how different age groups interact with different foods. This week children in Y1 made their own flatbreads and topped them with vegetables and a Greek style yoghurt. Sky Brown children have shown so much courage trying the food they wouldn’t usually taste like onion and garlic! It was wonderful to see how much they enjoyed it.

Photographer: Megan Brady

Year 2 – Joy

Parton class exhibited immense joy during our literacy activities this week. Initially, they collaborated to create a captivating whole-class poem about a coastal storm. Following this, they wrote individual poems that beautifully captured the calm contrast after the storm. Working in pairs, they demonstrated excellent teamwork, carefully considering word choices and effectively conveying the desired mood in their compositions.


Sports Day!

Here is a reminder that Sports Day is on Friday 12th July (weather permitting) at Three Mills Green. The event will start at 9.30am and finish at 11.30am. All are welcome to attend!

Few points to note:-

  • There will be no seating at the event. Please bring a camping chair, stool or blanket if you would like to sit. You will be moving around a circuit, following your child.
  • If it is raining, we will try and rearrange the hall. We will make the decision the day before.
  • Please drop off your child at the normal time, dressed in their PE kit. Please make sure they have a water bottle and are dressed for the weather e.g. sun hat, sunscreen.
  • You will then be asked to meet us at Three Mills Green if you are attending. The event finishes at 11.30 and the children will be walking back to school promptly to have their lunch.

Important changes to breakfast club organisation from Monday 1st July.

Next year we are likely to have more children using breakfast and after-school club and the front entrance is already jammed with bikes and scooters. In order to resolve this, we will be trialling a new system in the mornings from next Monday.

If you arrive before 8am, your child will be asked to wheel their bike or scooter into the Community Room. These will then be moved to the playground bike shelter at 8.45am when children go to class. If you arrive after 8am, please leave your children at breakfast club and Charmaine will then let parents into the school building to put bikes and scooters into the playground.

If you have a bike lock, you are also welcome to leave bikes locked outside the front of the school for the day,hence avoiding the need to drop bikes off or pick them up from the playground. If there is a need for more bike locks in this location, we can arrange this.

Thanks for your understanding with this matter! This should keep the school entrance clear and safe for you and your children.

Attendance Matters – every day counts

This week the average whole school attendance went up to 95.25% and our target is 97%. The class with the highest attendance this week was Zephaniah class, well done! Thank you for your efforts in making sure your children are here on time every day. If you ever need support with this – please let us know. You can email the office or speak to your child’s class teacher.

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