The Circle, Issue 89 – 07.06.2024 Welcome back to The Circle! This week we are all feeling very grateful for the sunshine. It has made the exciting activities that have been happening in school feel even more special! Thanks as always to the parents for your support with the annual camping trip and also the upcoming events such as the Grow Festival on 14th June. It would not be possible to be the community focussed school that we are, without you. Have a lovely weekend when it arrives. Best wishes, Andi and Sarah

Our Values in Action:

Rec: Joy

The children in Reception have hit the ground running this week, ready for their final term as Reception students. This week, the children have been engaged in various activities, such as drawing and labelling what they did over half-term. A highlight from this week was seeing the children engage in such imaginative play in the outside area, using their phonics skills to create signs and posters to let others know what they were doing.

Year 1: Joy

In anticipation of the camping trip, the children designed their own tents with some practical, some imaginative, features. We have been counting down the days to this trip since September so to say we are excited is a huge understatement!

Year 2: Joy

Parton class are extremely excited about the Grow Festival Event that will be happening next Friday. They are taking their role of event planners very seriously and are thinking carefully about all the things that they will have to do to make the event successful. This week they received an email from Luke Warm from Grow Festival who needed their help to boost ticket sales. The children worked hard to create story boards and scripts and then shot a fantastic promotional video as well as using computer programs to design posters to advertise the event.

Community Corner:

Summer fair!

We are looking for volunteers to organise the raffle and run stalls! If you are interested in running your own stall or you know anyone that would, please complete this form Summer celebration sign up

Grow Festival!

The Year 2 children are putting a lot of effort into preparing for an event on 14 June at 4.30pm for the Grow Festival. They've been working hard in gardening sessions and doing indoor planting after school, with help from Alex, one of the parents! Soon they will be planning the menu with the school's cooking club, and some exciting family activities for the event. It's a wonderful opportunity to support our community and enjoy some delicious food! So please do join us on Friday, June 14th at School 360 on Sugar House Lane. Everyone is invited, but you need a ticket so do sign up here Grow Festival


Sports Day!

We are excited to give you some more information about our Sports Day 2024! This year it will be taking place at Three Mills Green on Friday 12th July (weather permitting). The event will start at 9.30am and finish at 11.30am. All are welcome to attend!

Few points to note:-

  • There will be no seating at the event. Please bring a camping chair, stool or blanket if you would like to sit. You will be moving around a circuit, following your child.
  • If it is raining, we will try and rearrange for the hall. We will make the decision the day before.
  • Please drop off your child at the normal time, dressed in their PE kit. Please make sure they have a water bottle and are dressed for the weather e.g. sun hat, sunscreen.
  • You will then be asked to meet us at Three Mills Green if you are attending. The event finishes at 11.30 and the children will be walking back to school promptly to have their lunch.

Invitation from our new professional gardener, Xuân

After school gardening sessions will begin every Monday from 3:30-6:30pm. (During term time and during school holidays). Learn the basics of fruit and vegetable gardening with our professional onside gardener, Xuân from Abbey Gardens. We will be covering the basics of composting and soil care, learning to sow and care for seasonal fruit and vegetables, growing flowers and the importance of pollinators in our garden and how to use herbs and other medicinal plants to create tea, herbal remedies and other concoctions.

No experience or equipment needed. All welcome!

I hope to meet you next Monday! – Xuân

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