February Trips – Year 1

In February Year 1 will be learning about the Great Fire of London. We will be going on a guided walk around Temple Bar and St Paul’s and will be joining a session to learn about how the fire destroyed the city and how it was rebuilt. We will then be exploring the Monument and discovering more about the fire.

We will be learning about the events leading up to the Great Fire of London, such as the plague which had already been devastating the city for over a year before it broke out on 2nd September 1666. We will explore how the fire spread so quickly, and why it was so difficult to put it out. We will also look at how Samuel Pepys recorded his experiences of the fire in his famous diary entries.

We will discover how the city was rebuilt after such destruction, with Christopher Wren designing a new St Paul’s Cathedral and many other landmarks being constructed across London. We will learn about how this period of rebuilding was known as ‘The Rebuilding Age’. Finally we will explore how these events have shaped modern day London and its people.

We will need two volunteers. Please sign up here:

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