Community Panel

There are two levels of Governance – The first is the Big Education Trustees and the other is our Local School Board which is our Community Panel. This panel represents the parent body and other community partners.

If you are interested in joining the School 360 Community Panel, please contact [email protected].

Chair of Trustees

Martha Sedgwick

Chair of Community Panel

Martha is a born and bred Londoner, growing up near Latimer Road in the West and now settling into East London life in Bow.  She is Stanley’s mum and you’ll often see her cycling (usually a bit last minute!) to get between work in Old St, home and School 360.  She’s really looking forward to being part of the Community Panel to support the great work School 360 does and is always open to any conversations and input from any other parents at School 360. Martha says, “It’s been really lovely to get to know you all this year – can’t wait to see our little ones move into Year 1 and the school expand in September”.

Contact Address: 
School 360,
Sugar House Lane,
E15 2QS

Gifty Amponsah

Gifty has lived in Newham for 20 years, and it’s a place she’s grown to love because of its diversity and multiculturalism. Gifty has worked in education for 11 years and as a youth worker for about 13 years. She is currently supporting local charities who advocate for and support mothers/families facing homelessness and also campaign to raise awareness on childhood poverty. As a parent of a child with additional needs, she believes in every child as an individual and therefore should have their needs met by tailoring their support accordingly, so they can reach their full potential.

Amy Gibbs

Amy is a health and rights campaigner with experience across national charities including Birthrights, The Children’s Society, Unicef UK and Mind. She was previously an elected councillor in Bethnal Green and currently chairs Tower Hamlets Together, the local health and care partnership. She has two boys – Felix (5), who has loved his first year at School 360 and Jude (2), who is desperate to go when he’s big enough!

Stephanie Shaldas

Stephanie has worked in education for 18 years as a Modern Foreign Language teacher and has been in Senior Leadership since 2015. Most recently, she has worked at School 21 as Deputy Headteacher. Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family, going to the gym and singing. She is excited about working with School 360!

David Heinemann

David is an individual and team coach, a facilitator and a dad. Inspired by the Aboriginal message “if the land is sick, you are sick”, he is deeply interested in the question of how we can help ourselves (and especially our youngest citizens) to rewrite our future?

David has  asked that question by working alongside young adults, innovators and educators from around the world, both as a freelancer and via projects including The Visionaries, Roots and Huddlecraft. He used to run a global fellowship for Human Rights Defenders. And once upon a time he was a Theatre Director.