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We believe in the importance of communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity, and this has helped shape the content we teach, as well as the way we teach.

We value wellbeing and relationships and believe children can be taught how to manage these more productively.  We teach through projects, which help pupils make sense of the world through cross-curricular themes, support them in working to tackle issues of local and global social justice, and teach them to value reflecting, revising and reworking their ideas until they can be proud of them.

School 360 offers pupils a holistic education of the Head, Heart and Hand.

We pay attention to each learner as a rounded human being, their happiness and self-awareness, their knowledge and understanding, and their skills and experiences.  As well as a focus on crucial literacy and maths skills, we develop a range of skills across the curriculum, social, emotional, creative, physical, scientific and academic.  At the heart of our curriculum is a focus on social justice, both locally and globally, enabled through strong partnerships with the community around us and supported through contact with experts in their fields.  As a school focused on oracy, we pay particular attention to storytelling and we remain curious about learning from different perspectives.

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School 360 is committed to a culture of innovation and curiosity, and is interested in exploring how schools can change the way they approach education.

We want to offer an education that better meets the needs of all children, as they move into a future that changes quickly, and in unexpected ways.

Our projects

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Year 1

Year 1 learned and compared a range of life cycles: plants, insects and mammals.

What are the different celebrations around the world?


During the springtime, our project was centered around the children exploring the various celebrations around the world.

What do different communities believe?

Year 1

Children learn about the different cultural and religious festivals that happen around Spring, connecting ideas between different religions and c

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